Monday, September 12, 2011

So I finally downloaded 180 pictures to my computer( correction; Tony did it). Our summer was a busy time, but so many fun memories were made. We had Sarah's baptism with her cousin Caleb (Jenny's son). We went to Lincoln City OR with Tony's family where we played on the beach most of the time, then did a REALLY fun sand dunes ride. Hope you enjoy.SOOOO CRAZY FUN!These are the falls that you see right before you hit Portland OR. Beautiful and well worth the stop.They were trying to stop the ocean.Kids couldn't get enough of the water!Cute Cousins!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Past Week- a post of catching up

So, I can't go back as far as I need to catch everyone (including myself) up on what our life has contained. I will go as far back as.... this weekend.
We all went up to camp Ee-Da-How, in Donnlley Id. on Cascade Lake. We arrived about 7 Friday night, set up camp, ate a yummy pulled pork dinner, watched some inspiring movies, then hung out and just talked till Lily was falling asleep playing Uno. This was around 11pm. So to bed (potty first) we went. No rain, so we got to sleep with the tent cover off and watched the stars. It did get a little chilly but nothing that snuggling with Lily in my bag couldn't fix. Finally got up around 6:45 and the Schapperts had Hot chocolate ready for the kids, while we waited for an amazing breakfast of pancakes, sausage, eggs and fruit. I decided I really liked camping when others cook the food :). We did a great game of GPS scavanger hunt that Tony and Tina had set up the night before. Everyone had a great time, especially once we realized that about half of the GPS units were around 300 ft off!
We played some Minute to Win it games then it was lunch and Off to the Lake. The kids and Tony got to play in the boat, wakeboarding, tubing and such. I stayed in camp and helped clean, then went down to the lake and kayaked and relaxed a little. We got home around 6:30 Sat. and Tony promptly left with Lily for a 'date night'. They took little bouqets of flowers to Lily's friends and dropped them off in secret. Lily loves doing thing like that, and she had a blast. Tony is so creative.
Overall it was a very pleasant weekend.
There, how is that for journaling..... sort of boring, i know. I will try to do better next time.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Love my Randomness

Okay so it is a new school year and to me that is like starting a new Year! So, I am going to have a goal to update my family journal (aka blog) Once a week...month...NO... WEEK!!!
Good luck right. I suppose this also means that I have to start being a good mommy and actually take pictures.. blah.
Well heres to CHANGE!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day Five of Disneyland

Alright, I know this is getting confusing. I am going back to NOVEMBER 09. This is day 5 of our California trip. DANA POINT.
It was a balmy,76 degree's. SO NICE. We were on our way to San Diego and wanted the kids to experience the beach so we saw some signs on the interstate and drove right to this perfect beach.

Of course what is the favorite activity of kids(and adults) while on a beach?? Shell and rock hunting!!

After 30 mins of hunting we went on a little hike around the point. It is so relaxing hearing the waves come in and segulls over head. It also helps the the sun is shining and really warm!

After the hike the girls and I went back to the beach while Jax and Tony went on to more dangerous ground. Sarah started rock hunting again, and Lily immediatly stripped off her shoes socks AND pants and went to draw in the wet sand.

Jaxson indulged Tony by checking out the native flora. Tony is always checking out new plants. These were growing off the sheer side of a cliff.
After Tony and Jaxson came back Tony grabbed the camera and caught this perfect shot with Lily. She was being soooo careful to only let her feet get wet while drawing in the sand.

Now that she was 'soaked' she begged Tony to take her out on this rock and run from the waves. They did this for about 30 mins.

We stayed on the beach for about 3 hours then the hunger pains set in and we drove to the condo's. On our way to the car we saw 3 people doing this in the harbor. I guess it is a new sport. It sure would take alot of balance.

This was an awsome ship that was also in the harbor. The kids thought it was the pirates of the Caribean... Yes I spelled that right. CariBEAN.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day

On Saturday night Tony and I went out to dinner. While we were out, Tony had arranged with Jaxson and the babysitter to make a 'Valentine' movie for me about how Tony and I had first met as well as our first date,Buddy dance. The kids showed it to me Sunday. I laughed so hard I cried. Here is a little background so you will understand the shots. Tony says he first saw me at church wearing a blue dress(the same one Sarah is wearing in the movie). Next we spoke to each other at a ward activity where Tony was leading everyone in a round of "The other Day..." song. He had come up to me to introduce himself and I Totally brushed him off. Next my roomate Heather set us up on the "BuddyDance" date. He tried to hold my hand the entire night but I wouldn't let him. He tried to show off at the dance by doing the splits. I just thought he was really cheesy, but obviously he eventually convinced me otherwise. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day Four Disneyland Trip

Nov. 24,2009 Tuesday.
We started out at 6:30 in the morning! We had early bird passes so we got in the park a whole hour before anyone else.( those w/o passes that is) It was so quiet and nice! We went right to the Nemo ride because it is usually a 2 hour wait. We got right on. It was pretty amazing being in a 'submarine' The kids were so excited.

After that I ran to Space Mountain with the two oldest and did that one again. Tony and Lily waited in line for Autotopia. Poor Jaxson had his own car and just couldn't get the hang of it so he kept stopping and caused a major traffic jam.

Tony and Jaxson headed off to Haunted Mansion while Sarah,Lily and I waited in line1 Hour to see Tinkerbell and Friends. Lily was SOOOO awnry by the time we got to the end she didn't want to have her picture with Tinkerbell. I was pretty ticked myself! Waiting in line for a PICTURE! GRRR I hope you enjoy them.

Sarah was thrilled to hear the charactures tell her she looked just like 'Vidia' one of the fairies.

We girls finally caught up with Tony and Jaxson waiting with fast passes at Indiana Jones ride. This was the only ride that Lily could not go on. By this time Lily was having a MAJOR meltdown. She was screaming that all she wanted was to BUY food. Not eat the food from our backpack. She wanted something from a store!!! So Tony was a sweetheart and stayed with the screaming child while the rest of us went on the ride. Jaxson hated it. He thought it was WAY to scary. Sarah on the other hand was laughing through it. I must admit, I am of Jaxson's persuasion.

When we got off the ride and got to Tony, Lily had fallen asleep. So, Tony and Sarah were able to use the switch pass and run up to the front of the ride. SO NICE!! Once They were done Sarah and I went through Tarzans Treehouse, then on the Jungle cruise. After that we got back just as Lily was waking up. 2 hour naps are a definite must if you are on day 3 of Disneyland and you are only 3 years old. She was much nicer but still determined to have her Store bought lunch.

And here it is... Breakfast for lunch. And it only cost and ARM AND A LEG!! At least she was happy and that is the point. right?

After Lunch we went over to Splash Mountain. We hadn't done this ride yet. This picture is of our 1st time going on it. The kids loved it so much that they all begged to go again. So we got a fast pass and went back a little later that day. This video was taken of the second ride.
The kids had been saving up for a long time and by this 3 day in the park their money was burning a hole in their pockets. So we went to the perfect Girl store. Right next to the Castle was a store that has everything a little girl could want in it. Sarah finnally chose a watch and some rings, and Lily chose to buy a Belle polly pocket. These weighty decisions took almost an hour to make. (large sigh)

While over in Fantasyland we went on Mr Toads wild ride. The wait was ridiculous and the kids were completely devestated that it was just a car ride. Who can blame them after going on Splash Mountain right?

As we made our way back to Splash Mountain we ran into this great Cowboy. He actually turned out to be LDS. He had a bunch of jokes and was really funny. He was amazing with the rope too.

By 4 0'clock we had done all the rides we wanted in Disneyland, so we decided to go back over to California Adventure and catch a few more we hadn't done. We started with Monstropolis. Another Okay one.

This picture is us waiting for the Muppets 3-D. That was actually really Great. Tony and I got a big kick out of it cause the Muppets was our era but the kids liked the 3-D part.

We then went over to the Tower of Terror. We all (not Lily) agreed that this was our favorite ride. It is basically like the rocket at Lagoon but you are in a dark room and you can't quiet tell if you are going up or not then all of a sudden you see the sky and you DROP! It does this several times. Lily was so funny during it. She loved it but said that Splash Mountain was the best.

Here is the picture. You can't see to great but Lily's eyes are huge and Sarah is looking terrified! So Funny!!

After that we went into Downtown Disney and ate dinner. Yummy Mexican. Then Jaxson found his dream store. LEGO"S This Darth Vader is made out of legos! There was also a giraffe behind Jaxson. You can just see the legs. It was Huge! All out of Lego's. He was finally able to use his money and buy something.

Tony wanted to see Fantasia on the River so we went back into Disneyland, found a great seat and waited.... for an hour. It was worth it and the kids were great to wait. They loved it the show is amazing! After that we went back to the Condo's. This was our parting shot of Disneyland. The Tree. The whole place is decorated to the hilt. It is truely magical.

Day Three Disneyland

Monday, Nov. 23, 2009
The first thing we saw when we got to the park at 8am was GOOFY!! I had a picture but it got erased. We then ran to Star Tours. All the kids loved it! It was less exciting than I remember at an 8 year old. hehe

After Star Tours we did Space Mountain. That was Lily's favorite. I couldn't believe they let her on but I'm so glad she was able to. After Space Mountain they had a Jedi Training in one of the big eating area's. It was amazing. First they gather about twenty kids. Jaxson tried so hard to get chosen but no luck. They dress them up in the cloak and give them all a light saver. They teach them some specific moves and then.....

The whole floor starts to rise and out comes Darth Vader and his clan.

Then all the kids were able to fight one on one with Darth Vader. You could tell they all were in shock or heaven. And then Darth Maul came out and did this really amazing ninja dance.

We got a fast pass earlier for Space Mountain again. Again the kids LOVED it.
We then went to the far end of the park and did Small World. It was so Amazing. Everything was decorated for Christmas. The kids were in awe the whole time. Lily was bobbing her head and singing along. I loved it too but then loved it even more once I realized I still had my sunglasses on while inside. No wonder the lights weren't that bright. DINGALING!

We then went over to Toon Town and stood in line for an HOUR just to see Mickey. Cute picture but very anticlimactic. The kids were wondering where the ride was. "Why did we just stand in line?" Oh well.

We played on a few of the toys around the town. It is amazing all the architecture that is there and really makes you feel like you are IN a cartoon.

We left Toon Town just in time to catch the big Parade. WOW what a production! It was amazing all the floats and dancers and costumes. This is just one of the floats. The kids got bored after 15mins but Tony and I loved it.

After some other rides that were just Okay. We went back to the condo and had Lasagna and a quiet time. (much needed) Once we got back we went straight to Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

The girls were so excited to go inside but a little disappointed when they realized that it wasn't a real castle with big rooms and such.

We went on a few other 'boring' rides according to the kids, had a little meltdown, and waited for the Fireworks. They were then cancelled due to wind. But We were STUCK in the firework viewing area. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned that it was MADLY crowded. I am not sure if you can see it from this picture but this is a view of the masses of people that we were supposed to get through in order to leave the park. It was 9:30 by this time. We didn't make it home to the condo's till 10:30. What a way to end the day. Once we got back the kids fell right to sleep. We were all exhausted, but stupid Tony and I stayed up till 1 watching a documentary on the Kennedy family. ???? ????? That's what you get when you don't have TV at home.